The Shiny


Carry your portrait in your wallet with a 'Shiny'
- The collectible art in your pocket.


The Shiny is credit card sized, and made of brushed aluminium. It is customisable with your own portrait - with a QR code on the front and a programmable NFC tag on the rear. Any coded Shiny can be used as an entry card*, data passport, smart home automation or shortcut to your desired URL, Social Page or app.

The aluminium design is durable, plastic-free, prevents code clash, and prevents other cards in your wallet from cloning. The NFC tag can only hold one automation or code at a time, which is programmable with your smartphone.

Currently the Club's plan is to issue separate codes for each game, this means that you will be required to use the changeable NFC tag to store separate QR codes via an app. The club have full control over readers and ticketing protocol.

Don't have a portrait?
Own a Limited Edition Hero Shiny
Only a limited amount of each available
The current waiting time for a Shiny is 5 days. Codes can be generated free online. Google free qr code generator.  You are responsible for codes supplied.  Duplicates or replacements are £10 when available, order via email.  Email below for any help or questions.
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