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West Ham Season Tickets

Hi all! I've received quite a few emails today regarding their season tickets at the London Stadium next season, and whether I will be attempting to relaunch 'The Shiny' for coded entry.

In my professional experience, which has included entry solutions at The Olympic Stadium, the entry solution has become sequentially poorer and more problematic for the fan.

Today the club issued a statement, confirming that the Season ticket will be in the form of NFC (near-field communication).

So, will I be re-introducing the Shiny?

Frankly, no. In my experience, NFC isn't an ideal solution for this, and I wouldn't risk my reputation on this technology – which says a lot about the people who made this decision.

There are already inaccuracies about NFC floating about on social media such as 'it can only be used on a phone' This isn't true. NFC needs very little electric charge to perform, so can be used from a inexpensive tag. The club are yet to answer fans concerns about the new technology, although I suspect they don't have many answers since they allowed a third party to tender for the business.

There is a possibility that I could introduce a programmable NFC tag attached to a small artwork, that could potentially be used to gain entry, as well as many other nifty uses. But I certainly wont be charging for it, and it isn't a priority, but I will keep you all posted,

If you are dead set on having a tangible solution, I recommend that you insist that the club supply you with one, although they don't seem too helpful judging by their website release.

Leave this post knowing only one thing. Whether it is a QR Code, RFID or NFC - it is just a method of relaying a simple number, to release the lock for entry. The method the club choose is only to suit them – not you. You know football is nearly back when you learn things like that!

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