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Two more pieces added...

Firstly, thanks to everyone who purchased my celebratory painting UEFA Conference League Champions, all orders made before today are ready to go out to you.

Two new pieces have been added to the shop, at the request of my members. Bowen's Winning Goal, is available in two sizes...

I've also been asked to produce a montage of three previous paintings, to make a special piece. I've made this a special size, which is 20"x16". This piece is called Three Captains, and if you want it for Fathers Day next week, then don't hang about!

Finally, for members asking about commissions, I will address this subject in my next email shot - so keep an eye out for it. It's a complicated subject, there are things that can be done, and can't be done, and everything will need to be addressed on a case by case basis. (Should I decide to accept commissions of course). Have a great Sunday! Len x

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