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Matchday Special

West Ham Utd take on Tottenham today, and matchday's are a good opportunity to offer collectors a bargain.

Today only, you can purchase a small Bonds '76 Framed Impasto Canvas for only £50 with FREE UK SHIPPING.

I first developed the Impasto Canvas to give my collectors something much better than a print. It is actually hand finished by me, and collectors who have purchased them, absolutely love them - which is great, because not everyone can afford to buy original paintings at hundreds of pounds a time.

Well, now you can own a hand-painted replica of the painting that Bonzo himself owns, and the galleries of Whitechapel are impressed with the concept - to a point.

"If it is hand painted by the artist, it's a painting" was the final outcome by the so-called experts. (Bill is holding the original painting, not to impasto print).

I have also had plenty of interest from film companies, that can use my impasto canvas art as props. These are hot right now, and hopefully the reduction in size will just about make the perfect collectible for people like you. It's all gonna depend on how popular they are, as running an art studio is pretty much a time and motion exercise. It's good to give people cheap prints through the post, but if the fulfillment takes up time where I could be painting, then it can all fall apart.

Talking of things falling apart; I tried my hand at a 'kit kat' portrait of Glen Hoddle in the long sleeved admiral, to mark the occasion. Not my best work!

Thanks for reading!



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