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Boundary Road at Midnight

There's a new painting in the shop now, from the Upton Park Collection.

Boundary Road at Midnight, depicts the Champions Statue, and is a special piece, available as an original painting only.

What's so special about this painting?

Other than it features three West Ham United legends, this piece was purposely produced as an affordable painting. I know everyone wants real paintings, but the time and effort they take naturally has an impact on the price.

Boundary Road at Midnight, is a smaller piece than usual, measuring 17"x13" in it's swept black frame, using a limited palette to reduce the production time to 10 hours. This reduces the price to £150 - not cheap in these times, but charged at the London Living wage plus costs (Postage, packaging, frame and materials)

If you like art, and would like to support me - this is the best way to do it. Far better value than David Moyes's wages. Thanks for reading! Len x


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