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Billy Bonds Painting Auction

As a season finale, I'm auctioning a very special painting this week.

'Bonds 80' is a painting depicting Billy Bonds at the start of the 1980/81 record breaking season. Bill is captured as the current cup winning captain in the classic Adidas kit.

Bonds is seldom seen these days, and personal appearances and signings are rare. However, courtesy of E13 Events, Bill has also hand signed this painting, to make it a truly special piece.

I’m reluctant to sell one-or-two special pieces, especially this one. I am however keen to display more work through the official supporters club though, and could use the money to invest in a large format printer which I will need to fulfil the project. It will also give you lovely lot the opportunity to purchase bigger and bolder artwork for your 'man cave' or Games Room.

You can learn more or make a bid for ‘Bonds 80’ at

Bidding ends on 7.30pm on Saturday 28 May - 30 minutes before the Champions League Final.


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