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And the winner is...

Well not West Ham as usual. Never-the-less I have decided to give away a canvas anyway, as a thank you for taking part every matchday.

The matchday-giveaway, is a way of marketing my products at a time when it is difficult to market my products. I'm currently looking after someone with Alzheimer's disease, and business has taken a hit. So this is a genuine thank you for taking part. If you are looking for a gift for someone soon, please, consider an item in my shop - everyone loves them.

It's the anniversary of the 1964 Cup win this week, and to commemorate this occasion, you can enjoy 20% off 'Bobby 64' XL canvas. Father's Day is the 3rd Week of June. It may have stopped raining by then.

The winner of this week's competition though, Debbie Sprake from Dimchurch, can choose any XL canvas from the shop. Congratulations Debbie.


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