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We're Here to Compete

Acrylics on Canvas

We're Here to Compete depicts an image of The Leazes End at St James' Park Newcastle in the 2022 season. This piece is available in 3 formats

Check out my classic comic book portrait, as modelled by Kevin Keegan...
nufc Order graphics.jpg

The current waiting list for portraits is 7 days. 


To order please complete the order form and upload a nice clear and large head and shoulders photo. This will be the photo I draw your portrait from. (What photo should I send?)


The price for a digital only portrait in 1080hd is £45 per head. Free group portraits are included with multiple orders. These stunning coloured portraits are suitable for home printing, but printing and output options are available post production. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to email me your photos, and I can complete your order personally over email.

Order a Single Portrait


upload your photo

Thanks for supporting my studio.

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