I've made and sold my very first crypto art...

On March 6 2021, I joined the NFT revolution on opensea.io, and sold my first crypto art. A shrewd crypto-investor took less than a day to be the proud owner of 'MN-01' but there are still more one-of-a-kind 'king' collectibles left to purchase.

'Early creators and collectors alike will be rewarded for early involvement of this movement' according to Rhett Dashwood, a popular YouTuber of all things Crypto art and NFT. (I have included two of his informative videos below)

Naturally, as a friendly studio, canningtownlen.com will produce NFT versions of work for our customers, who have an opensea.io account, but there is still plenty for you to learn.

There is no better time than now though, to start your NFT collection or just invest in crypto currency - although I'm obliged to tell you I'm not a financial adviser. We all have friends who regret not investing in Bitcoin though, so don't be one of those!

There's much for us all to learn about crypto, but I will promise that if you do want to learn, I will make it fun. I wouldn't do it otherwise. I'm already watching my Ethereum value rise too - which is a bonus!

UPDATE: In the first 3 days of trading 10 crypto art collectibles have now been sold. Len likes Ethereum!

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