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Each Crypto Hero Collectible purchased direct from our studio comes with a FREE standard portrait and customised crypto hero portrait, PLUS you can appear as the next Canning Town Studio NFT.  (What is a NFT?)

By purchasing a crypto hero from our studio on, you not only get an official studio asset on the blockchain as an investment, but the chance to be the next crypto hero - with your NFT existing on the blockchain forever.


The Crypto Hero is our signature studio NFT product, for our clients interested in crypto art and NFT’s. My 25 years art studio experience London’s ad agencies has been used to create a crypto collectible of maximum desirability, collectibility, uniqueness with a fun experience.

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My First Generation Crypto Heroes

My First Generation Crypto Heroes will have the most collectible value - and buyers of my NFTs are already enjoying the profits from secondary sales.

Take a look at the first five Crypto Heroes...


Crypto Hero 001 – BTC (GEN1)


Crypto Hero 002 – Ethereum (GEN1)


Crypto Hero 003 – BNB (GEN1)


Crypto Hero 004 – Cardano (GEN1)


Crypto Hero 005 – Polkadot (GEN1)

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