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The Cream of Seventy-Five (Mood 60)

'Together they played for glory.  Alone they fought for their footballing lives.'

This is what we call a 'mood 60 film'. It's a pre-trailer to convey the look and feel of the project, to people involved, usually 60-90 seconds long. This has been downscaled for the web.

Intro Freeze Frame Samples

Creative Route:
Together you were a closely knit team, going for glory. But when the office door closed, and it was judgement time on a contract - you were alone. Of course, nothing too sinister, in the end the moral of the story is, whether you are a world cup player or public servant, there's always a happy ending out there - and friendship and teamwork will help you find it.

Screenshot 2021-10-11 at 18.39.20.png
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