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No Plastic - No Data Harvesting

Just tangible, durable and desirable.

Jake season pass.jpg

This is my studio's 'coded collectible' - that I'm considering calling 'The Shiny' in homage to my football sticker collecting days.

It's a durable, and desirable, aluminium credit card sized portrait featuring a coded element, either a barcode or QR Code.

Any Portrait you like - Any Code you like - It's an artwork in your pocket.

I'm gonna cut straight to the chase. If you're a football fan and you aren't keen on using your mobile phone for turnstile entry, then this could potentially be a solution.

Coded entry systems will be more common in the post pandemic world, for various reasons - but this is no reason to put your personal data at risk, or change your habits. Personally, I'm concerned about the overuse of mobile devices. I love tech, and I was happy to release a range of crypto art for clients that embrace it. However I am also keen to satisfy a huge swathe of customers that appreciate tangibility too.

This week, the relaxing of COVID restrictions has led to visits to airports and public places, and you will noticeable see an increase in the use of QR codes. Of course, if your QR code is in an email, and you have no service or battery life, or need your reading glasses on to access your code - then this could prove be an unnecessary nuisance. It is personally to me, and people like me.

So, if like me, you are already using QR codes, and would like a collectible alternative, please email me in the first instance using the function below. Of course, customers can use their portraits on their 'Shiny'.

You can also generate QR codes and barcodes online for free for marketing purposes. Just Google for various sites.

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