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Welcome to my online auction

The place to bid for original paintings and collectibles.

This weekend's piece up for auction is Man Who Fell to Earth (Acrylics on Canvas)
This piece is presented in a simple 21"x15" black wooden frame.


You can own this piece by bidding in my silent auction. Just enter what you are prepared to pay in the bidding box. You won't see anyone else's bid - but if you are the highest bidder - you win. Shipping Costs are included in your bid. Auctions last approximately 48hrs with no deadline, so there is no late rush to bid.

Why an online 'silent' auction?
You only bid what you are comfortable to spend, and all bids remain private to other bidders. Bidding is easy. No credit card details needed.

Enter a bid

Thanks for your bid. Winning bids will be notified by email within 48hrs.

WHY NOT EBAY? Ebay auctions have been fun, but are flawed if you are a primary seller (original artist).

My last Ebay auction accumulated 36,000 views in one day, 74 bids, with a final bid price of £7100.

It was MY art that brought all the viewers to Ebay, tens of which approached me for work via the Ebay messaging system - which Ebay won't let me approach to build working relationships with. This is unsustainable to art studios, who don't want to inflate prices but just make a living. All bids are appreciated.

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